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10 Minute Rituals to Start Your Day Stress Free

A couple weekends ago I attended the Perform Better Functional Training Summit in Long Beach, CA. This fitness summit is put on to provide trainers, coaches and therapists with lectures and hands-on learning seminars with many of the top professionals in the industry. Among the valuable information that I took away from this experience- aside from exercise programming and sales tactics- were the everyday habits and behaviors that all the most successful leaders in the industry shared.

Every single speaker described similar best practices in their personal lives that helped lead them to where they are today. As I recently began practicing creative meditation and manifestation, I was fascinated by the simplicity of these habits and the power they create when accumulated over time. The biggest recommendation was to establish a "Morning Ritual" this is something you do each morning to begin your day on the right foot- Stress Free. These are some examples that set the tone for the coming 24 hours:

1. Make your bed- Start your day by making your bed. By completing a simple task first thing in the morning, you set the tone for the rest of your day. This early sense of organization and accomplishment will motivate you to complete subsequent tasks throughout the day. It's also a wonderful feeling to come home to a made bed!

2. Engage in 10 minutes of quiet time- This is your time. These 10 minutes could be for meditation, prayer, deep breathing, etc. the point is to allow your mind to have silence. This silence helps bring your goals and desires to the fore front of your mind without the noise and distractions. This will help you do all things with deeper intention.

3. Write- Write whatever you want. Anything and everything that crosses your mind. Writing can provoke, give comfort, prioritize, and clarify your thoughts. You could write in gratitude. By writing 3 things that you are grateful for, you start to think positively first thing in the morning and it puts your day into perspective. Or perhaps you may want to write down 3 things that would make today great. This promotes optimism and helps manifest the things that you want to occur in your life.

4. Stretch- Morning stretching can improve posture, alleviate pain, increase blood flow, and give you more energy for the day.

5. Hydrate- Drink .5-1 liter of water upon waking in the morning. This hydrates the cells and gives you energy. You can also drink a hot cup of water with lemon as you perform the rest of your morning ritual. It helps detox the body, wakes up your digestive tract, and supports weight loss.

6. Connect- If you live with a significant other. Consider starting your day together. Tell your partner one thing that you love about them and have them do the same. If you have a child, you can do the same with them. Text a friend a morning message of gratitude. Or connect with yourself and recite an affirmation that feels true to you: "My body is peaceful, healthy, and happy. And so am I."

7. Eat Breakfast- Make breakfast an everyday ritual. Sit down. Enjoy it. Be mindful of what you are eating without checking your phone or social media. This is another great time to connect with love ones and yourself.

Pretty soon these acts will become second nature and you will begin to see their affect on other aspects of your life. You'll perform at a higher level, display your best self, find clarity, and welcome success into your life.

Small habits over time really do produce BIG results!

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