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What is

The Drop Two Sizes Program?

This 12 week proven plan features carefully designed strength and conditioning workouts and dozens of great tasting and easy-to-make recipes. All designed specifically to get you off the scale, and into the clothes you love FOR GOOD!

This challenge is a kick start to thinking differently about yourself, your weight, your health, and the rest of your life- as the new you.


A diet is not something you plan to do long term.  It is strict, extreme, and meant to get results, but it is not sustainable and does not let you have a full life. Instead, I will show you how to plan and prepare meals that fuel our body with healthy and delicious food that sets you up to maintain your fabulous body for the long-term.  No restrictions here!

Sample the meal plan here 


You'll get slim and toned, NOT BULKY.  The goal is to build lean body mass aka muscle the very thing you are terrified of building because you don't want to get too "big". Increasing lean mass is whats going to restore your metabolism so you become a fat burning machine!  Staying on top of the strength training workouts is paramount.


In order to change your body you must change your mindset which is often the biggest challenge of all. This challenge is a commitment to yourself.  Anytime you use the word 'but' you are discounting whatever commitment you have just made to yourself.  You will think and plan ahead.- developing healthy behavioral habits that will lead you to success.



The scale and mirror create distorted perceptions of ourselves.  Taking the focus off the scale and off the mirror and onto how your clothes fit improves body image because you see the changes happening right before your eyes. The scale is no longer a valid indicator of whether your body is changing.  In fact, it's one of the major enemies behind you not reaching your mental and physical potential.

As your Personal Trainer, you can expect total support every step of the way.  You will have a coach through every one-on-one workout to ensure your time is effective and you will be provided with daily check-in reminders and full call/text access to me for Q&A.  Now pull out the pair of "skinny" jeans collecting dust in the back of your closet and hang them somewhere within easy reach because you will not only be successful in this program, but your results will stay for the long-term.  

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